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Crude & oil Corporation,

Is a rapidly growing oil and gas exploration operations management company.

With operations in some of the world’s most important potential oil fields, Crude and Oil Corporation is ideally positioned to be the company of choice for investors, partners, customers, communities and employees in the areas in which we do business.

Crude and Oil Corporation is involved in the exploration and production of crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products. Our operations are focussed on the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Crude and Oil Corporation continually strives to be the company of choice for investors, partners, customers, communities and employees in the areas in which we do business.

Why Invest in Oil and Gas?

When it comes to natural resources, oil remains one of the most hunted assets on the planet.

Oil, gas and petroleum products are fundamental to the economies of both the developed world and the emerging markets. Over 97% of everything you own or do is in some way related to crude oil, from the petrol in your car and heating for your home, to the computer you are sat at and the chair you are sat on. As a global economy, we are so highly dependent on oil that it can simultaneously be a barometer of economic strength and a driver of it.

Oil is also one of the most volatile commodities available to investors. In 2008, oil crashed through the $100 per barrier level at the beginning of the year. By July that year, the price of Brent Crude had hit an all-time high of $144.95 per barrel only to crash back down to earth, to a 12-month low of just £38.12 as the financial crisis shocked the world. As the economy has stabilised and grown, especially in the emerging markets of Asia and Latin America, the price of oil has steadily increased toward the $100 per barrel level.

Oil, gas and petroleum products, like many other commodities, such as gold, platinum, wheat and rice, has traditionally a low correlation with equities, meaning oil and oil related investments in a portfolio can provide a robust component of diversification, as well as a hedge against inflation.

Like other commodities, the price of oil is intrinsically related to the fundamental economics of supply and demand; the price will rise if demand increases and supply remains the constant or falls. Oil and petroleum based companies have an enviable track record of outperforming other market sectors during periods of economic weakness, as a defense against perceived uncertainty in the stock markets.

The rapidly developing markets of Asia and Latin America are driving demand. China has generated demand growth every year since 1993 with the largest increase in demand of 7.2% in 2008. China is the prime example as the world’s largest energy consumer, although countries throughout South-East Asia, the Middle East and Latin America are adding to the continually rising demand. As the middle classes, with their cars and consumer goods grows in countries such as Brazil and India, their desire for products and lifestyles which depend upon oil will increase. With over 40% of the population in the developing world, or 2 billion people, about to become obal consumers, their demand for oil to make and fuel them will only increase.

From a supply-side perspective, oil discoveries have steadily fallen since reserves peaked in 1980, however production is still rising. Regions such as the Gulf of Mexico have yielded significant new discoveries recently, however it is evident, given the long-term trends in discovery, reserves and production that oil is approaching a peak oil environment, where global productivity reaches its maximum rate.

In this context, the value of the work undertaken by firms such Crude and Oil Corporation to discover new reserves of oil and gas is critical to future of the global economy. Oil is a vast market and the promise of continuing economic growth is why investing in discovery of oil and oil related investment will be so important in the future.

Crude and Oil Corporation are at the forefront of the continual search to discover, explore and extract oil and gas and we welcome all our stakeholders to share in our mission, and our success.