About Us


Crude and Oil Corporation are specialists in offshore oil exploration.

We generate our revenue by negotiating Production Royalties Rights, enabling us to share in the value of crude oil, natural gas and petroleum based products extracted the reserves discovered by Crude and Oil Corporation.
Crude and Oil Corporation is an Oil Exploration Company headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico. We conduct geological and geophysical surveys, analyse data, extract core samples and conduct drilling to discover oil and gas in both shallow and deep water projects in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Crude and Oil Corporation works with a range of partners, suppliers, contractors and on both privately or government owned properties.
Crude and Oil Corporation was established by project directors, geologists and engineers with many decades of combined experience of oil and gas exploration. Our partners and shareholders enjoy the benefits of working with and investing in an accomplished team of exploration experts, in the lightly-explored oil and gas frontiers deep in the Gulf of Mexico or along the shallower coastal areas near Cuba.

Crude & oil Corporation,

Is a rapidly growing oil and gas exploration operations management company

Crude and Oil Corporation believes in investing in a combination of proven scientific methods, leading edge technologies and innovative techniques to increase our ability to strike oil. Our Geologists, Geographical Information Systems Specialists, Geophysicists and Oceanographers work to target and assess sections of the sea-bed for detailed exploration by sonar, submarines and divers. Our Engineers have decades of experience in planning and implementing drilling operations in some of the world’s largest oil fields including the oil-rich formations found deep in the Gulf of Mexico.
Crude and Oil Corporation is a rapidly growing oil and gas exploration operations management company with expansive exploration projects in the potentially vast Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea offshore fields. Through strategic preparation, leadership and determination, Crude and Oil Corporation has built a truly compelling history of success in offshore oil discovery.