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Crude & Oil Corp.

With a focus on the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico,

Crude & Oil Corp.

is currently exploring vast areas of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea to discover and extract reserves of light crude oil and natural gas.

Crude and Oil Corporation’s main role is to undertake and evaluate geological and geophysical surveys on offshore exploration sites throughout Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. As Oil Exploration specialists, we generate our revenue by negotiating Production Royalties, enabling us to share in the value of crude oil, natural gas and petroleum based products extracted the reserves discovered by Crude and Oil Corporation.

Crude & Oil Corporation.

We are Committed to safe and sustainable Extraction of crude oil Reserves.

Crude and Oil Corporation has a broad and diversified exposure to the oil sector in sustainable exploration and production, we have over 100 years of combined experience in the offshore oil industry.

The Gulf of Mexico is the world’s 9th largest sea surrounded by the USA, Mexico and the island of Cuba. The basin is oval shaped, approximately 1,500 km wide, bounded on the north by the Gulf Coast of the USA, on the West and South by Mexico, and to the East, Cuba and Florida.

The Gulf of Mexico is an example of a passive margin, where the continental shelf extends far from the coast, most markedly at the Florida and Yucatán Peninsulas. The Gulf of Mexico shelf provides the perfect foundation for oil exploration and drilling by offshore platforms situated in areas such as Western Gulf and in the Bay of Campeche. As technology and techniques have developed, oil companies such as Crude and Oil Corporation have extended exploration into deep waters and currently c.72% of oil production in the US Gulf of Mexico is drilled from wells at depths exceeding 300m.

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